Shame, Writing Is My Joy!

So! Around January 2020, I decided to focus more on my Youtube channel, after it picked up and was doing well, better than my other small money-making projects plans for the year. I was taken in, way into the fact that viewers were actually enjoying my entertainment contents on Youtube.

Slowly, I gradually began drifting away from Medium, from writing and even reading, which was sadly my main focus for the year 2020. But I was still writing in a way; all my Youtube videos were scripted. I was writing entertainment gossip after research. It worked so well because I…



“Who goes on a first date in the middle of a Pandemic?

My sister, Becky’s voice, echoed by the door. She paused and watched me touch up my makeup by the mirror with admiration. I caught her shocking reaction to my perfectly beauty-beaten face. I reciprocated her smile.

“Are you jealous?

She rolled her eyes proudly just because the whole idea of a date was her making in the first place. I laughed out loud at my own cheap joke.

My 26-year-old younger sister has been in a stable relationship since the age of eighteen. …

I’m so guilty of this practice!

Raising my hands high! I am one of those moms. Whenever I had to leave the house, I kind of sneak out when my now six-year-old twins are busy playing. My husband does the opposite. Before living the house for work, he always gives each one of us a kiss. Starting from our ardent twin. Once done, he gently shuts the door behind him with no dramas and the kids quickly forgetting about him before he reaches the house gate.

‘How I envy him!’.

A few weeks ago, a video of a young two-year-old boy whose mother often leave for…

After Victory, I tried To Laugh Out Loud, But My Jaw was Stiff

Have you ever tried to genuinely laugh out loud but notice that your heart is frozen, your jaw tensed, and your face feels odd?

Some times we don’t realise we are sad souls until we experience a moment of victory. Suddenly we notice we have no real expression of happiness. We see our reaction has become numb to positive or happy moments of triumph.

I’ve found my self in this situation a few times.

Life can be soo demanding, severe and unfair that achieving a win becomes the moment you realise you haven’t been happy for a long time. When it eventually happens, you notice that you have zero reaction and don’t know how to celebrate or feel the triumph of your victory. Instead…

One second my younger brother was with me, the next second he wasn’t anywhere to be found.

Every known and then, I reminisce about my childhood and one appalling day in particular. Some specific things which didn’t shock me back then — when I think of it now as a grown up, makes me cringe and wonder in disbelief what the hell is wrong with people.

My younger brother got traded as cash for a few bottles of whisky when he was five. Apart from blaming myself, I was blamed for it by my family. The blame didn’t bother me…

Whenever I hear about ‘Sex Strike, its often women who initiate the idea, clearly not men. Is it beneficial for women to go on sex strike? Are women hurting the men or themselves? Is this kind of trait even practical in this day and age when solo sex, sex toys and other forms of sex couldn’t be much alive and rampant? Hang on! — Isn’t this an outdated stereotype which suggests women only have sex to please men and have babies?

These are the kind of questions I often ask myself when I hear the news about such intimate issues…

From henceforth, I say YES to every Frightening Dream.

Earlier this year, I decided to say YES to every opportunity that came my way or made me a better person. Not only that, I have decided to be open to any possibility that can make me a better writer, a better content creator and a better speaker with less procrastination. Well! If you ask me how I’m doing now, I’d say not too bad. Seriously — I have come a long way looking back at my past tracks. …

Note to self

Keep dreaming

Keep creating

Keep hatching your small tiny, tiny little dreams, until you hatch a golden one

No one said it’s going to be accessible

No one said it’s going to be arduous either

No one said the world is a gold mine

But that doesn’t mean you should stop digging

Dreams have wings

Dreams have soul

Dreams have superpowers that can give you boost

You can do this,

Of course, you’ve got this

Just tell yourself over and over again, It’s all about the experience, and I’ve got the power and what it takes


Short Story: Day 1

“This is it!

Sam’s dark brown eyes light up in excitement. Mild Sweat gathers on his four head. Golden sunset from a glass window reflects on the left side of his face, revealing dark circles and veins that bear witness to a sleepless night. As he spoke, his infectious victory smile softens his hard face just a little — he is still a boy, not a man. He looks up, scanning his friends who are all across the small glass science lab like defeated warlords who refuse to surrender the enemy.

Four young adults dressed in a white lab coat…

My actual question is, has Solo Parenting become a thing for millennial women who want children later in life?

A very close female friend of mine has been talking about having a child by herself since finding love, and the right person isn’t favouring her. Of course, she says it as a joke, and she words it like this; “Maybe I should just find my self a sperm donor or a sperm bank and choose a donor with good genes to father my child — only if I have the money”. …

Noellin Imoh

Mastering the act of Writing Fiction, Non-fiction & Film scripts. I also Occasional write about Life, Productivity, Women, Life Lessons etc.

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